Dale Community Council


Dale Community Council (DCC) represents the village community.

Council Meetings are held on a regular basis in the Coronation Hall – Agendas & Minutes of the meetings will be available here.

The next Council meeting and Annual Meeting is on Monday 4th May, 2020 at 1900, in the Jubilee Suite, Coronation Hall, Dale.

A list of Council Members is provided below.

Community Council Members 2020

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2020 Welsh

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2020 English

Audit Report and Certificate 2019-2020

Annual Return Accounting Statement 2019-2020

Notice of date appointed for the exercise of electors’ rights

Meeting Agendas

DCC Agenda September 2020



DCC Agenda 2019 4th November

DDC Agenda September 2019

DCC Agenda July 2019

DCC-Agenda May 2019

DCC Agenda March 2019

DCC – Agenda AGM May 2017

Meeting Minutes

DCC Minutes Meeting Virtually 15th June 2020

DCC Minutes Meeting held virally 26th May 2020

DCCMinutes Meeting 2nd March, 2020

DCC Minutes January 13th, 2020.

DCC minutes 4th Novenmber 2019.

DCC financial minutes meeting 4th Dec 2019.

DCC Minutes meeting 9th September 2019

DCC Minutes July 8th, 2019

DCC minutes 13th May

DCC Minutes May 13th 2019 Annual Meeting

DCC-Minutes March 2019

DCC minutes January 2019

DCC – Minutes November 2018

DCC – Minutes April 2017

DCC – Minutes March 2017

DCC – Minutes December 2016

DCC – Minutes November 2016

DCC – Minutes October 2016

DCC – Minutes September 2016

DCC – Minutes June 2016

DCC – Minutes May 2016

DCC – AGM Minutes May 2016

DCC – Minutes April 2016

DCC – Minutes March 2016

DCC – Minutes February 2016

DCC – Minutes January 2016

DCC – Minutes December 2015

DCC – Minutes November 2015
DCC – Minutes October 2015

DCC – Minutes September 2015

DCC – Minutes July 2015

DCC – Minutes June 2015

DCC – Minutes May 2015

DCC – Minutes April 2015


Council Members

Community Council Members 2020
The Clerk to the Council keeps a Register of Interests of Council Members. This is available for inspection, upon request.

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Local Area Planning Applications

The Local Planning Authority, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (PCNPA), invites DCC to comment on planning applications in the Dale area. The Council responds in general terms on behalf of the community, as a whole, within the very tight timeframe dictated by the planning regulations. Councillors generally meet on site and comment to the PCNPA normally between Council Meetings. If individual Dale residents have particular comments to make, these should be directed to the PCNPA Planning Department. Personal comments directed via the Community Council will probably arrive at the PCNPA too late to be taken into consideration by the planning authority.

Current and archived planning applications of all applications determined by the PCNPA can be found and searched at:

PCNPA Applications Search Page

Links to PCNPA documentation for individual applications considered by DCC will be found in the relevant Minutes.

Contacting DCC

You can send a message to DCC and the Clerk to the Council here

Older Documents

Older copies of meeting minutes can be found in the Archives