Dale Play Area Association

This group was set up by Dale Community Forum after young people in the Youth Club said there ought to be a Play Area in Dale.  We were very lucky to receive a commitment from Martyn Ryder, the land owner, that he would lease an area of the meadow in which to site our play area.  In 2015 the group became a Charitable Incorporate Organisation with the aim of setting up and running a play area in Dale.  We have  raised over  £6,000.  We have paid for plans and for necessary professional advice e.g. about flood risk and have obtained Planning Permission.    This plan envisages two areas, one for younger children linked by a “scootering” path to a larger area for older young people and adults with a pitch area and “trim trail”.  We hope it will be an attractive place for residents of all ages to enjoy, just for a chat, to watch their children play, or to take some exercise themselves.

We are now in the process of applying for funds to get this exciting project under construction.

This is a sketch of what we would like the Play Area to look like.



The Trustees of the Dale Play Area Association are very sad to report that on 22/2/18 Dale Castle Estate informed us that they were no longer willing to lease any land to the Association for a play area.  Please see below report about this given to Dale Forum on 21/3/18.


The Constitution of the Dale Play Area Association (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) is here.