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Community Council – Clean-up

Dale Community Council have issued notice of two clean-up activities happening in March. Saturday 3rd March 2018 Following the storms we had towards the end of last year, many pebbles/rocks/stones were washed onto the grass verge in front of the

Wildlife Watch

Wildlife Watch for all ages – Dale Fort The Field Study Centre at Dale Fort will be running a series of Wildlife Watch events on the 2nd Saturday of each month from April through to October. Each event is around

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Coastlands School – Pictures from Class 2

The Gallery page has been updated with a selection of photos taken by children aged 7-8 in Class 2 of Coastlands CP School as part of the Triad project also involving children from Sageston and St.Florence CP Schools. The project

Milford Haven road closures

The road from Dale to Milford Haven is scheduled to be closed for telecommunications work to be carried out for 5 days starting from Wednesday 9th March. The road will be closed between 09:30am and 15:00pm. More details are available

Proposed Marine Conservation Zone

Marine Conservation Zone – A message from Dale Community Council The area on the front at Dale known as Dale Roads is included as one of ten chosen sites to explore in Wales as possible Highly Protected Marine Conservation Zones.

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